Park Activities

Residents at The Oaks gather for events ranging from pig roasts to pot lucks, golf outings at Marquette Trails to street golf, pancake breakfasts to card tournaments.


There are activities for all residents, families, and of course opportunities for friends to gather for a meal or around a camp fire.


Events are scheduled and carried out by fellow residents who volunteer their time to bring everyone together.


Word travels fast when an event is being planned, but you will want to keep an eye on the bulletin board in the pavilion to make sure you don't miss a single social gathering.

2023 Scheduled Events

July 1          Golf Cart/Bike Parade

July 15        Christmas in July

July 19-22   Troutarama in Baldwin, MI

July 29        PMO Lot Crawl

July 30        Music in Pavilion - "Two Dudes in Flip Flops"

Aug 12        Annual Ownership Meeting;  Fish Fry; Night Glow Golf

Aug 19        Cornhole Tournament

Aug 26        Cornhole Tournament - Rain Day

                  Road Rally date #1

Sept  2        MSU / UofM Flag Raising Ceremony

Sept  3        Labor Day Street Party

Sept  9        Movie/Entertainment Night / Chili cookoff

Sept 22       Road Rally (if cornhole rain date is used)