Types of Lots

No matter how you define camping, you will find a site at The Oaks that fits your needs. Because owners improve their sites to their liking, no two lots are alike - this is not a cookie cutter campground!  All that is necessary for you to make improvements to your lot is for your Site Review Plan to be approved, a sample of which can be found on our Resources page.

Standard Interior Lot

The majority of the lots in the interior of the park are approximately 50' x 100' and include spacious concrete for RV and vehicle parking while leaving plenty of grass and yard to enjoy as well. These large lots provide more than enough space to enjoy the great outdoors.

Standard Interior Lot with Shed

These lots include everything the Standard Lots have, but also include a 10' x 12' storage shed. Very few residents of The Oaks use their storage sheds strictly for storage. Many sheds have refrigerators, kitchens, bathrooms, showers, or washers and dryers built into them.

Perimeter Lot

Being nestled in the Manistee National Forest has its benefits, including the fact that lots on two sides of the park have the woods as their neighbors. These sites are similar in size and amenities to the Standard Lots with scenic views of nature right out the window.

Park Model Lot

Park Model trailers are allowed at Pere Marquette Oaks, and most sites in the park will accommodate a park model with little or no modification. Several park models have added three season rooms and/or decks for even more space.